"Breathing Life into the Fuzz
- No Strings Attached"

You’ll be a Muppet to Miss It!


"I did Jess' workshop recently and it was utterly brilliant! I would completely recommend it. She is very passionate and I learned loads that I can take away and work on alone. Thank you!"


“Had my Avenue A session with Jess tonight. Brilliant, and a great workout too! Even if you don't want to make a career of it, Jess brings the basics to life with a fun filled hour. Highly recommended.”


“Took part in an amazing online puppet workshop with Jess! It was really interesting and fun to learn a new skill (excellently taught by Jess) that will definitely help me in my future career. Can't wait for the next one!”

Maddie Hope Coelho

“I use a lot of puppets in my toddler and baby classes and can not recommend this workshop enough - I have learnt so much in an hour (although it felt like 10 minutes because I was having so much fun). So informative, and practical. The best puppetry workshop I’ve done so far! Thank you Jess!”


"Absolutely sensational class today for our agency's clients. They said it was GREAT fun, they got to do something new and different and they can't wait for the next one. They were smiles all around! MASSIVE thank you from iD Talent”


“Jess did an online workshop for my school and the students absolutely loved it! It was something really different and new for them to try but also very relevant to Musical Theatre and with her background as resident directo r on Avenue Q she was able to advise and tell them lots of tips and techniques on puppetry and her work on the show and in the industry.”


""My brother and I had a 1-1 with Jess! She was absolutely brilliant and we both have walked away enthused to learn more and keep practicing our puppetry skills. We highly recommend! Thank you again Jess!"

Lucinda & Tom Jarvis 

"Thank you Jess for a fantastic workshop. It was well structured, fully interactive and very informative. I have worked with puppets for 5 years now, but this gave me extra insight and has given me things which I can go away and practise more."

Sharon Graves
Hartbeeps (Bishops Stortford)

"Jess is a fantastic teacher, really personable and you learn so much with her! She's incredible at bringing these puppets to life and teaches in a way that is not only accessible for complete beginners and pros alike, but also really really fun!"

Will Roden

"I was introduced to Jess Via CCI (Collective Creative Initiative) with Pearson casting and since have attended Avenue B and C workshops. I absolutely love Jess' workshops and can't believe I haven't done any sooner. They're so much fun and all are in such a nice, safe and friendly atmosphere. Jess has filled me with so much confidence with my puppet and I cannot wait for Avenue D! Couldn't recommend Jess and Parker Puppetry enough!"

Jenny Trapp

""Today I decided to beat those lockdown blues and re-kindle my love of puppetry with Jess' fantastic "Avenue A" workshop. This class, conducted via Zoom, was beautifully structured and easy to follow, meaning I picked up a lot of fantastic information in just an hour, as well as 1 to 1 time for personalised feedback which I can now work on. If you have even the slightest interest in puppetry, give this a try. You'd be a #muppettomissit!"

Catriona Trainer