"Breathing Life into the Fuzz
- No Strings Attached"

You’ll be a Muppet to Miss It!

Avenue Q



We work with groups and production companies who are working on the joys of bringing ‘Avenue Q’ to life!

We are all experts in the show and characters, and are able to train your cast how to Puppeteer, how to work in Theatrical Style Puppetry, Character Development, those crazy Puppet swaps and tricks on and off stage… and so much more.

We offer a few different Avenue Q Packages, from our Puppetry Basics Workshop, right through to our Full Works Package, that has us with you right to opening night!

For the Workshops, we can bring our Parker Puppetry Puppets to use, or utilise the Avenue Q Puppets, if you have them ready to work with.

Please contact hello@parkerpuppetry.com to enquire.


We work closely with Q Puppets, where you can hire the full or reduced sets for your productions.
These Puppets were used for the UK Touring Productions of Avenue Q from 2014-2020.

Please contact hello@parkerpuppetry.com to enquire.

"The initial workshop was really useful as a springboard into our rehearsals to get us excited to learn puppetry skills, ready for our production of Avenue Q. It made the students engage with the show and get really excited about starting the process. There were no dull moments, all of the students were fully engaged the whole time. Jess brought so much energy and enthusiasm to the workshop and was such a great teacher. She tailored the workshop to our students and they all took so much from the session."