"Breathing Life into the Fuzz
- No Strings Attached!"

You’ll be a Muppet to Miss It!

Mastering the Art of Hand and Rod Puppetry

A rare opportunity to learn the skills you require to bring those amazing Muppet based characters to life.

Parker Puppetry is the first International collective to specialise in teaching our own developed syllabus Hand & Rod Puppetry, and offers Puppetry Training Workshops and Classes for Groups, Mainstream Education, Theatre Schools, Production Companies, Puppet Performance Classed and 1 on 1 Private sessions. 

Our ‘Puppeteachers’ are a combination of leading Creatives and Puppeteers and experts within the Hand & Rod Puppetry (Theatre & Screen) industry.

We offer:

Puppetry Syllabus Teaching (Live & Online Workshops) for Individuals, Groups, Theatre Schools, Education, SEND Organisations & Theatre/Screen Productions

Puppeteers, Puppetry Consulting & Directing for Productions and Media

Puppet ‘Meet & Greets’ for Parties, Celebrations, Nursery Schools

Puppetry Events and Puppetry Slams for Puppeteers to perform
Not only is Puppetry SO MUCH FUN… it also develops confidence, creativity, motor-skills and coordination.

The Parker Puppetry Company


"Amazing people will always make for an amazing company! Parker Puppetry continues Jim Henson's vision by bringing the magic of puppetry directly to the people via an assortment of awesome in-class and online courses. Their dedication to the art of puppetry is heartwarming and is a brightly lit star during an otherwise dark period in our world. No need for special effects, CGI, or massive budgets. Parker Puppetry teaches us first and foremost that you too can be a positive force and influence just by slipping on a puppet and making others smile. Never have I ever been more honoured to be called a muppet! ;)"