"Breathing Life into the Fuzz
- No Strings Attached"

You’ll be a Muppet to Miss It!

Puppet Workshops

Puppetry Workshops, Mastering the Art of Live Hand and Rod Puppetry with Jess Parker (Associate Director Avenue Q. UK/International Tours).

A rare opportunity to learn the skills you require to bring those amazing Muppet based characters to life. Whether you are an Actor looking to add to your skillset, A Voiceover Artist looking for somewhere to put lots of those crazy voices, or working within Education where you utilise puppetry within your classes…or just someone who is a huge Muppet, Jim Henson, Avenue Q fan, you have come to the right place! 

Parker Puppetry Workshops will be fun, supportive, inspiring, and give you so much JOY with what you can learn and create.

Parker Puppetry specialises in Live Hand and Rod Puppetry, and has its own uniquely developed syllabus, devised into ‘Avenue’ classes. Each Avenue has a different focus of the art form, from Beginning steps, Mastering Sync Techniques, Expression, Voicework, Rodwork, and SO MUCH MORE. Even the ‘Puppet Lip Sync Battle’ which is a performance-based class where students and Puppeteers get to perform together in the ultimate puppet performance.

Our ‘Puppeteachers’ are combined with leading creatives and Puppeteers and experts within the Hand & Rod Puppetry (Theatre & Screen) industry, and in addition: Marionette, Japanese Bunraku, Table Top and Human Mascot-Style.

Parker Puppetry is passionate and dedicated to being an advocate in creating a wholly inclusive and diverse sector within the Puppeteering and performance world.

“I am loving these workshops. I wanted to improve a skill that is becoming increasingly useful for many musicals, professional and amateur. It has also helped me get through lockdown. The teaching is clear and concise and I am able to continue practising with a clear idea of what I am doing. With Avenue F ‘Puppet Lip-Sync Battle’, watching other perfomances was so inspiring, and I felt like I had been the the theatre for the evening. Still Buzzing.”